The Squirrel’s Nut Sack

A short story I wrote in May 2023. A nut obsessed squirrel embarks on a journey. Can he keep hold of his nuts? Where will his nut sack end up? Is there a happy ending? This is a story to make you smile, and also highlight how important it is we check our nuts…

The Squirrel’s Nut Sack

The Squirrel’s Nut Sack

This squirrel was nutty, he worked night and day.
Other squirrels would watch him, they’d giggle and say…

“That squirrel is crazy!”
“That squirrel is mad!”
“Ohh his poor mother!”
“I blame his dad!”

When all other squirrels, sat down on their butts.
This nutty squirrel, would play with his nuts!

Never was a squirrel, so happy and proud.
He’d squeeze them, hold them, and shout really loud!

“I love nuts, that’s no surprise,
big ones, small ones, any size!
Collecting nuts, that’s what I do,
a nut for me, NO nuts for you!”

But his nutsack got heavy, too big for his drey!
He collected so many, they could not all stay!

The plan was to hide them, bury his goods.
He’d empty his nut sack, deep in the woods!

A secret location, saved to his phone.
He set off that evening, made sure he was alone.

Being quiet was not easy, with such a big load.
He struggled to carry, his nuts down the road.

“What have you got there?”asked Catty-Don-Kitty.
He lurked in the shadows, this was his city.

“Errrm, nothing Catty-Don-Sir, just my nuts and I…
I don’t want no trouble, we’re just passing by”

From behind a trash can, five more cats did appear.
One with an eye patch, one missing an ear!

“Hey nutty!”
“Your sack’s looking fat!”
“Is it Christmas Eve?
“Have I been a good cat?”

The kitties laughed loudly, to them it was banter.
But squirrel got angry, he was not Santa!

“MY NUTS!” he shouted, grabbing Catty-Don-Sir.
In the blink of an eye, a hand full of fur!

The cats were shocked, “That squirrel’s got guts!”
A final warning, “Hands off my nuts!”

A voice announced “turn left”, the cats ran away.
It was squirrel’s sat nav, who saved the day.

Protecting his nuts, and keeping guard.
He dragged that big nut sack, across a back yard.

The bark of a dog, a pitter-patter of paws.
“who’s in my garden? get in my jaws!”

But squirrel was clever, he threw a bone.
“Hands off my nut sack, leave them alone!”

A narrow escape, “I need a vacation”
An alert on his phone, “you’ve arrived at your destination”

A grand old tree, so tall and frightening.
Apparently it was hit by lightening!

“What’s in that sack?” asked Mr Fox
he snatched the bag and emptied… rocks!!!

“ARRRR!!” shouted squirrel, pulling his hair.
A lesson was learnt, be kind and share…

And… always check your nuts!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website and reading this story, it means a lot! Please email me if you have any questions, or message me via social media.

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