Montgomery Moon

I wrote and illustrated this children’s book for my first born Isaac Ryan Ward back in 2011! I wanted to create something fun and unique for him. Each page within this children’s storybook contains an illustration and some rhyming text to accompany it. What will Montgomery find on his travels and will Teddy conquer his fear?

Montgomery Moon

Be transported inside the magical mind of Montgomery Moon; finding adventure, excitement and strange creatures along the way…

Montgomery Moon was an ordinary boy
With a magical mind, his favourite toy

He closes his eyes, counts down from three
And then he decides what the adventure will be

“Three, two, one”… Today little teddy could do with a hand
A scary black creature walks over his land

Ears small and pointy, eyes shiny green
Its only known weakness is milk, fish and cream

A task to help teddy, keep the creature away
So toys in the toy box can stay up late and play

Montgomery takes teddy to think of a plan
But first we need toast, with mums strawberry jam!

A map of the garden, carefully sketched in his book
It lists all the places he and teddy should look

Teddy feels frightened, but teddy is strong
His best friend Montgomery will help him along

They start the adventure, passing bushes and trees
And tip toe past flowers with big angry bees

What once was a garden, with trees and some bugs
Now a prehistoric jungle with maneating slugs!

Up through the garden they walk hand in hand
To find the black creature that walks on the land

Birds bigger than houses, they fly overhead
Montgomery stops Teddy, “look at this” he said

He points to a footprint, still fresh in the ground
“We are getting close Teddy, so don’t make a sound”

Then out of nowhere, the croak of a toad
His warty green bottom sat down on the road

“Have you seen a creature, black with green eyes?”
Toad winks at Montgomery whilst chewing some flies

“I have seen such a creature, with black pointy ears”
But after licking his lips, the toad disappears

“The next stage little teddy, we must cross that lake
But stay out the water, and avoid Sid the snake

He will be very friendly, offer ice cream and jelly
But if you‘re not careful you will be in his belly”

Teddy says to Montgomery, “I don’t want to go!”
Then from behind a bush, Sid the snake says; “Hello…”

“Little boy and teddy, I could do with a hand
A scary black creature walks over my land”

“Really!” said Teddy, “that is why we are here!”
Sid replies: “In that case be careful, I sense it is near”

Come to my home, I will tell you my plan
I have ice cream and jelly, are you a fan?

The snake circles around Teddy, as if ready to squeeze
A frightened voice whispers, “Ice cream, yes please”

Montgomery then shouts out, “I see some green eyes!”
And points to some bushes, giving Sid a surprise

The snake releases teddy, slithers out of sight
News of the black creature did give Sid a fright

Montgomery grabs Teddy, “It is time to go!”
And points to a path, where the river does flow

They soon reach a field, with singing red flowers
And pass a volcano the journey takes hours

A road long and windy, they are almost there
A place that the creature sits brushing its hair

They reach an old oak tree, so tall and so proud
With tips of high branches, covered in cloud

“Tweet-ta-woo!” says an owl, with a shiny black beak
“Whooo makes all this noise? I am trying to sleep!”

Montgomery says quietly; “We’d better not stay”
He picks up little Teddy and tiptoes away

Then around the next corner, a big big surprise
Inside the bushes, some shiny green eyes!!!

“Hello” says Montgomery, “what is your name?”
“Please join me and Teddy in playing our game”

A carton of milk then appears in his hand
“Are you the black creature, that walks over this land?”

Its eyes grow much bigger, as it steps into view
“Is that Milk for me? Why, how kind of you!”

The creature circles Montgomery, its tail in the air
Stretching its legs, then sits back in its chair

Montgomery hears Teddy whisper below
“This creature takes things from the toy box you know?”

“Is this true?” Asks Montgomery “You visit at night?”
“Giving toys in the toy box a big scary fright?”

A yawn from the creature, “That is not my style…
But I do visit the toy box every once in a while “

The creature continued to explain a few things
Such as searching the toy box for big balls of string!

With the adventure now over, Teddy can return
Telling toys in the toy box of what he did learn!

The End

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