Halloween Stories for Kids

A collection of kids halloween stories I started work on in 2020. Both my boys love halloween, so I decided to write and illustrate some scary stories for them. Below is a taster, some FREE spooky halloween stories for you to enjoy…

Halloween Stories for Kids

Halloween Stories for Kids

Welcome to my collection of scary Halloween stories for kids. Now, please make sure you have a light on. I hope you are safe and sound, snuggled up in bed or on the sofa with a grown up? We are about to begin…

Daddy is a zombie!

Daddy is a zombie!

Zombie tag is my favourite game
I run and hide and call his name
“Daddy daddy, you won’t get me!”
Up stairs I run, did he see?

Into my bedroom, close the door
Hide under my bed, lay on the floor
Footsteps and growling, he’s getting near
My door swings open, daddy’s here!

Feet broke and bony, toe nails so long!
This can’t be daddy, where’s daddy gone!
I keep very quiet, the feet walk around
I keep very quiet, I don’t make a sound

If this is not daddy, who can it be?
My mother, my brother, a real zombie?
But zombies eat brains, and I like my head
So I keep very quiet, under my bed…

A moan and a groan, toys fall to the floor
A bang and a crash, a slam of my door
I’m locked in my room, I scream and I shout
“HELP it’s a zombie, get me out!

A hand reaches down, followed by a head
Bits of its brain fall next to my bed
He opens his mouth, I let out a scream
It’s teeth are all yellow, a tongue slimy green

The zombie is growling, it mumbles and speaks
“Uuuurrh…. it’s…. brains…. me…. eats….”
I close my eyes tightly, this game is not fair
This must be a dream, or a nightmare

My eyes slowly open, the zombie says “boo!”
Followed by “uuuurrh, I’ve found you!”
This game is so scary, but I love to play
The zombie was daddy, he got me today…

The End

Pumpkin head Halloween Story

Pumpkin head

Nanny once told me, “you are what you eat”
So mummy’s an olive, and daddy’s some meat
My brother eats everything, he may be a cake
An apple, macaroni, an ice cream with flake

He once ate a pumpkin, ’twas just a small bite
What happened soon after, did give us a fright
The very next morning I went to his bed
I couldn’t believe it, he had a pumpkin head!

Now, my brother is funny, he’s sporty and cool
But how can a pumpkin go into school?
Will anyone believe me, what should I say
“This is my brother, he’s a pumpkin today”

I call out for mummy, I call out to dad
“Come look quickly, his heads really bad!”
I think we can fix him, I grinned and I said
“Let’s carve out eyes and a mouth on his head”

“Don’t be silly!” says daddy, “Quiet!” says mum
“Your head is a pumpkin, what have you done!”
My brother sits up, and he jumps out of bed
Placing a hat on his big orange head

A hop and a dance, a wiggle and a kick
A magic spell, with a walking stick!
He waves it and moves, sways side to side
And this is the magic spell that he cried;

“Pumpkin head, pumpkin head, look at me!
I’ve seeds for a brain, do you want to see?
Today is the best day that’s ever been!
Today is my day, it is Halloweeeeen!”

This was quite scary, where is my brother?
I turned and looked, where was my mother?
Dad’s disappeared too, where had he gone?
A voice downstairs “Breakfast won’t be long!”

I walk slowly down, and what do I see
Three pumpkin heads, drinking tea!
I glance at the mirror, and to my surprise
A pumpkin head with carved out eyes…

The End

Mummy in my bedroom halloween story

Mummy in my bedroom

Mummies are from Egypt, or so I’ve been told
They’re wrapped up in linen, and smell very old
Their fingers are bony, they get buried in a tomb
But imagine if a mummy, was buried in your room!

Now I don’t want to scare you, so cover your ears
It’s only in darkness, the mummy appears
Your room must be messy, with socks on the floor
Toys out of the toy box, pants by the door

If you keep your room tidy, she’ll stay away
She won’t want to visit, she won’t want to play
Her games are quite scary, she takes things too far
Like showing you her organs, kept in a jar!

Before mummies are buried, their insides come out
They get filled with stuffing, and prodded about
Her favourite games called, “don’t lose your head”
A brain in a jar, placed next to your bed

You’ll want to open it, hearing whispers inside
“Open me… I dare you… there’s no place to hide”
But no, don’t do it, it’s a big big mistake
Because it’s your brain, she’s wanting to take

Imagine your brain, sucked out through your ears
Then kept in jar for 3000 years!
Another games called “the cursed desert hand”
It’s when everything you touch, turns into sand

Now this is not nice, if you stroke the cat
Play with your toys, hold a phone for a chat
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, your favourite candy
Everything you eat, will taste very sandy!

Scorpions and snakes, curses and more
Pyramids and legends, myths and folklore
But don’t panic, don’t worry, all will be fine
Just make sure your bedroom, is as clean as mine

The End

More spooky stories…

I am working on several other halloween stories, these include; Big Frankie, Vampire at my school, A witch with an itch, and Ghostly things – please stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed above, take care and thanks for visiting.

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website and reading this story, it means a lot! Please email me if you have any questions, or message me via social media.

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