The Southsea Seagull

A short Southsea themed story I wrote in May 2023. This is a story about The Southsea Seagull and his love of chips. It will form part of a collection of Southsea and Portsmouth themed stories, available to buy on our Southsea Vibe website.

The Southsea Seagull

The Southsea Seagull

High above the stones and shells
High above the pier
Looking down for food to eat
You’ll know when he is near

He really does love chunky chips
And he loves the batter
There is no diet on his mind
He’s happy getting fatter

Pigeons, crows and other gulls
They all know the score
This seagull is relentless
Always wanting more

With a big fat bloated belly
He struggles to fly far
A giant poop from high above
Destroys a nice clean car

You’re kidding me, hungry again
Will he ever stop!
If that belly got much bigger
This gull would surely pop

Daily trips to Southsea Beach
Looking out for food
Canoe Lake, the castle too
Depending on his mood

Anywhere you’d eat your chips
This is where he’ll be
Waiting for a chip to fall
A chip to eat for tea

This gulls eyesight is not great
Children may well shriek
Small fingers often look like chips
And end up in his beak

There is no cloud above you
There is no eclipse
It’s just The Southsea Seagull
Staring at your chips…

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