The Palmerston Pigeon

A short Southsea themed poem I wrote in May 2024. This is a story about The Palmerston Pigeon and his road. It will form part of a collection of Southsea and Portsmouth themed stories/poems, available to buy on our Southsea Vibe website.

The Palmerston Pigeon

The Palmerston Pigeon

On Palmerston Road
It’s quite a sight
Near the shops and pubs
A pigeon takes flight

With shiny blue feathers
And bright orange feet
The Palmerston Pigeon
Is who you will meet

Through crowds he weaves
A perfect landing
The Palmerston Pigeon
His chest expanding

Pigeons are social
They do like to talk
Well, it’s more a “coo-coo”
They say when they walk

Yes they are vocal
And it’s not all about food
Sometimes there fighting
Sometimes there rude

With a flap of their wings
And a flick of their tail
They strut and they coo
Everyday without fail

The Palmerston Pigeon
The king of his road
A “coo-coo” so loud
Your ears will explode

Strutting and pacing
The mindset of a winner
But what makes him happy
Is feeding him dinner

His road, his rules
This is what was said
“Give me some snacks
Or I’ll poop in your head!”

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website and reading this story, it means a lot! Please email me if you have any questions, or message me via social media.

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