WordPress Web Design, Updates & Support

WordPress Web Design, Updates & Support

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So, my core business Tidy Design (a web dev agency based in Portsmouth, Hampshire) has been busy developing its own “off the shelf” WordPress theme. We have called it “FLEX”, a Flexible WordPress website, hand crafted by Tidy Design to deliver you / your company the best return on investment.


FLEX is for those seeking a robust WordPress website, scalability and decent Google search results. If you are looking for a web design agency to create a WordPress website then FLEX could be for you! Over the years Tidy Design has designed and marketed 100’s of bespoke websites, covering various businesses and sectors. FLEX aims to deliver a quality WordPress theme at an affordable price, and our team is here to support your WordPress project from start to completion! The beauty of a FLEX WordPress website is that it can be designed, tested, deployed and indexed very quickly! If development time and costing is a factor, then I’d suggest you consider a FLEX WordPress website to get you started.

Did you know WordPress accounts for just over 43% of websites on the web (data via Google search, Nov 2022)! This CMS (Content Management System) is a great platform to build your website on. Not only does WordPress see active support, security patches, maintenance and upgrades. WordPress is very well documented, and it is a CMS platform (framework) that most web developers will be familiar with. Although a fully bespoke system may sound appealing, there is always the concern “what if the person(s) behind it disappear?”

WordPress Website Updates

Already have a WordPress website? Looking to update a theme, your plugins or a WordPress version? If so, a review of your current WordPress install and website will be required. Tidy Design is on hand to assist with any WordPress updates, we’d setup your website locally and test it prior to deploying any changes. The most common WordPress updates are WordPress core and WordPress plugin versions. We’d suggest these kind of updates get made locally prior to updating a live website. WordPress updates can cause issues with your theme, hence you should always test them first.

WordPress Website Support

As already mentioned above WordPress is extremely well documented, be it from a development or admin/user perspective. There are many different ways a website designer can construct a WordPress website, however the WordPress hierarchy should be followed. This means that templates with specific filenames affect specific areas on a WordPress website. Most WordPress web developers will follow this hierarchy. If you have an error or issue with your current WordPress website then please get in touch, we’d be happy to take a look. Maybe you need support and/or maintenance factored into your business due to growth, or support climbing the Google rankings.

WordPress Web Design Portsmouth, Hampshire

Be it a bespoke WordPress build, fixing an old WordPress website, or adopting our new FLEX WordPress theme, I’d be delighted to take a look. Tidy Design is a web design agency based in Portsmouth, Hampshire that I setup back in 2007! We have always been located near the south coast, having offices in Old Portsmouth and Port Solent. If you are looking for some help or support with a WordPress website, or maybe some more information on our FLEX WordPress theme, please get in touch.

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