Do I need ISO Certification?

Do I need ISO Certification?

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Now here is an interesting question; do I need ISO Certification?

My core business Tidy Design works with lots of different sectors and industries, there is rarely a dull moment and always something new to learn. Tidy Design clients vary from NHS midwifery departments to ISO Certification consultants. They say variety is the spice of life, I certainly believe variety is educational and keeps you on your toes! When running a business it is good to network and get to know people, especially experts in different fields. Quality contacts can really make a project or a business thrive.

A Short Story…

Back in mid-2016 Tidy Design was approached by Kidney Research UK to help them fix, develop and distribute ASSIST-CKD software within the NHS. This was a programme led by Kidney Research UK, to spread eGFR graph surveillance for the early identification, support and treatment of people with progressive chronic kidney disease (ASSIST-CKD). The aim was to implement at scale and then sustain an intervention that detects people with declining kidney function, highlighting them to their GP. Early intervention would save the NHS millions, so no pressure!

Looking back at this project it was a real honour to work with Kidney Research UK and the 20+ NHS Trusts whom adopted the software. This particular project kept us very busy for a number of years, we learnt a lot, and faced many challenged along the way.

This was also a project that took us outside of our comfort zone. For example; planning a training day and participated in national NHS conferences. Speaking to 50+ NHS professionals about ASSIST-CKD was certainly not something I visualised doing as a child. Although a great experience, I think I will leave public speaking to the professionals…

New Business Contracts & ISO Certification

Word of mouth is by far the best form of marketing for any business, with Google search a close second. Prior to being contacted by Kidney Research UK my core business Tidy Design had already completed a few NHS projects. One particular project (MyBirthplace) won an innovation award and was featured on the BBC. Because of this our name was put forward. I believe people trust personal recommendations above all other, so do a good job and others will hear about it.

But.. is word of mouth alone enough to obtain new business contracts? I guess this depends on the kind of work you are pitching for. It is worth noting that some government and/or charity contracts may require you to have a physical office, a trading history, client testimonials, insurance documents and even ISO certification.

Soon after Kidney Research UK got in touch with Tidy Design I contacted a client (and friend) of mine about ISO 9001 to discuss implementing it at my company. This had previously cropped up in conversation several months prior. He believed we already had a number of the required processes in place, so it wouldn’t take us long to become compliant.

Venturing down an ISO path (in my mind) gave us an edge over other companies pitching for this project. It showed we wanted to grow, meet customer needs and deliver a quality product / service. Now I am not sure if a fancy office, over a decade of trading, or past successes with NHS projects was enough to get this project. So… after an in-depth conversation with the project manager and my team, I enlisted the help of IS Certification Services, a decision I do not regret.


If the question “do I need ISO certification?” has cropped up within your company then I’m guessing the answer is yes. Why not discuss your ISO certification options with an expert. IS Certification Services offer a hand holding guide to Standards compliance with accredited certifications.

I hope you found some value in this post. Good luck with your pitch for work, new enquiry or contract. Here’s to business developments and prosperous new chapters ahead. Thanks for reading.

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