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In 2024 I had an incredible opportunity to work on Pod Squad. A creative project for local charity ORCA, supported by Tesco. ORCA is dedicated to creating a community of ocean-loving kids across the UK, fostering a passion for whales, dolphins, porpoises, and the conservation of our oceans. It was a real honour to contribute.

Pod Squad

Exploring the Schools Education Zone

If you visit the ORCA website, you’ll discover the Schools Education Zone, a resource-packed hub aimed at educating and inspiring young minds about marine life and conservation. Being part of the Pod Squad project allowed me to support this mission and engage with children in a fun and educational way using my artwork. Find out more.

Diving into the Project

One of the first tasks was to create a distinctive Pod Squad logo, and review a character profiles document that ORCA sent over.

Pod Squad Logo

The document provided gave direction for the logo design above, and included valuable data about each Pod Squad character. Understanding the unique traits and abilities of Dash the Dall’s porpoise, Spark the orca, Thunder the sperm whale, and Glide the humpback whale was essential in bringing their personalities to life.

Creative Input

From there, the project blossomed with a wealth of creative input. I contributed to the design of various artistic components, engaging games, and an exciting comic book that would captivate and educate young readers. All these elements now form the Pod Squad Activity Booklet, designed to entertain and inform children about marine life and the importance of conservation.

Pod Squad Artwork

Below you will find a collection of my Pod Squad artwork. Each piece is a labor of love, created to inspire the next generation of ocean guardians:

Pod Squad Comic 01

Pod Squad Comic 02

Pod Squad Comic 03

Pod Squad Comic 04

Working with ORCA on the Pod Squad project has been a fulfilling and inspiring journey. It’s a reminder of the power of creativity and education in driving positive change. I’m proud to have played a part in this project and look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Schools Education Zone
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